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95 Barber Greene Rd

95 Barber Greene Rd – This project consisted of a $1.6M 15, 500sq ft. 3 story addition to the existing office building. The construction consisted of excavation for footings, all concrete caissons, slab on grade, steel structure frame complete with glass curtain wall façade. NU-STRUCT INC. worked closely with the owners and the architectural firm Fleiss, Gates, McGowan and Easton Architects throughout the design phase assisting with construction knowledge. 

Upon being awarded this project NU-STRUCT INC. designed an aggressive 8-month schedule to meet the owner’s requirements and successfully completed this project along with our sub-trades on time and within the client’s budget.

MukiBaum Treatment Centres

MukiBaum Treatment Centres – As General Contractors of this $3.2M project, NU-STRUCT INC. successfully completed the reconstruction of the 53,000 sq ft facility located at 40 Samor Road from empty warehouse space to the MukiBaum Treatment Centres ‘Centre for Ability’. This project was a complete design build retrofit which consisted of working together with the Client and the Architectural Firm (Architectural Design) to meet all the requirements. NU-STRUCT INC. managed the project and coordinated all trades for a successful project.

This $270K project is located at 37 Holland Drive, Bolton, Ontario. Mars Canada’s head office, which is adjacent to its industrial facility, manufactures and distributes a variety of food products. Working with the architectural firm Baldwin & Franklin, Architects, NU-STRUCT INC. completed the renovation of the single-story staff change rooms and associated washrooms to improve the layout and level of finishes. With the necessity of keeping the areas available to the Mars employees during the construction phase NU-STRUCT INC. scheduled all work with our in-house work force and in conjunction with our sub-trades, we successfully completed this project on time and within their set budget.

This $200K project consisted of Construction of a fenced yard and enclosed storage shed at the southwest corner of Yonge/Dundas Square. Installation of a new fence structure, metal and granite cladding, pre-engineered shed, metal roof, planters as well as security and electrical services.

This project consisted of complete historical restoration to the front façade. Working in conjunction with the Toronto Heritage Preservation Services, this $110K consisted of removal of all exterior paint, cleaning of brick and masonry preservation of the front façade. NU-STRUCT INC. also replaced all deteriorated masonry units with reclaimed brick and the replacement of all Birmingham Buff window sill. Upon restoration of the front façade, it was found that the large upper Birmingham Buff Cornice was beyond restoration. Working with the firm Construction Control, NU-STRUCT INC. replaced the ornate cornice with sheet copper.

Complete masonry restoration project to the King Street Condominium Complex, Toronto Ontario. This project consisted of restoration of the Yellow Buff brick and lime putty-based mortars, including the replacement of all deteriorated brick and stone arches. This project also included the reconstruction to 3 of the 4 three storey elevations. All storefronts and chimneys were also removed and rebuilt.

NU-STRUCT INC. works closely with SmartCentres Property Managers with the ongoing maintenance to the interior and exterior of various properties within the GTA area. With the necessity of new tenants wanting to lease with Smart Centres, NU-STRUCT INC. completes all the necessary changes to the units at each property as according to SmartCentres and Tenant requirements.

As general contractors NU-STRUCT INC. successfully completed the interior reconstruction of 15,500 sq. ft. of the 25,000-sq. ft. warehouse into office space. This project consisted of coordinating and selecting the Architect firm and the development of the design to meet the client’s requirements. As the drawings were produced we developed a budget, managed the project and coordinated all trades for another successful project.

This project at the Laurentia Apartments consisted of painting of the steel balcony railings and dividing panels of the 6-storey apartment building. NU-STRUCT INC. worked with the engineering firm Sigmund Soundack & Associated Inc. to budget for the concrete balcony for the 2007 season.

Restoration of the front vestibule. This project consisted of the restoration of the terrazzo stairs and landings, the steel picket balustrade and the sanding and refinishing of the wood railing. Also included is the repair of the wire lath and plaster walls and finish paint. We also replaced the single glass 2nd floor curtain wall to a 1” glass thermal pane curtain wall.

This $100K project was a 10 storey structural steel and concrete slab building with a masonry brick veneer. The problem consists of the steel Soffit plates were failing and major dangerous safety situation. Upon further inspection, it was observed that the structural steel supports were completely rusted and beyond repair. NU-STRUCT INC. worked in conjunction with N.C.K. Engineering with the complete removal of the block, brick and structural steel hangers. The restoration project consisted of new steel replacement, insulation, with new metal cladding.

Scarborough Court. This project consisted of the monitoring, evaluating and the repair of the glass curtain walls. It was noticed that at every anchor of the sill plated there was aluminum corrosion happening and causing the window to lift and separate from the concrete sill. NU-STRUCT INC. worked in conjunction with the engineering firm Hallsall Associates Limited to correct this ongoing situation.

This project located at 1224 Dundas St. Mississauga consisted of a 230k interior office renovation. NU-STRUCT INC. commenced this project from demolition of existing finishes including all mechanical and electrical and successfully completed the project on time and within budget.

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