How to choose between renovation and demolition

Your dream is to buy a lovely old home and restore it to its former glory, but you may need to consult with renovation specialists like Nu-Struct Inc. in Mississauga before you sink money into a bad project.

There are many reasons to renovate an older home rather than to demolish it and build one from scratch. It may have priceless old architectural features that can never be replicated and a historical value worth preserving. The trick is knowing when to let go of romantic notions and base your decision on solid reasoning.

The main structure is going to play a big role when choosing to restore an old home. Does it have good bones? Gutting and renovating the interior is a project you can tackle over a number of years, but if the house isn’t structurally sound you may want to have professional renovators assess the costs and bring in an engineer.

The original construction and how well previous owners have maintained the building is a good indicator of the overall condition. You shouldn’t let old wiring, heating systems or size stop you from realizing your vision because the cost of upgrading those or adding an addition may still be far cheaper than building a new home.

New construction permits are much more expensive than renovating an old home. Before you decide, you should look into any hurdles you may face if you are going to tear down an old structure, in case there are heritage laws in place or the local residents protest and cause delays.

Restoring and renovating an old building can take time and patience. If you’ve decided it’s more cost-effective to work with the existing structure, you need to ask yourself if you are prepared to live under those conditions for some time.

Despite the challenges, restoring an old home can be rewarding. For more information about planning a restoration project visit Nu-Struct Inc. at their website or call 905-206-9844.