Revitalizing a building with a new facade

Revitalizing the old facade of a building can be beneficial to both your business and the community, and something that Nu-Struct Inc. in Mississauga has been doing for over 30 years throughout Ontario.

Sprucing up the architectural details on the front of a building alone can turn an eyesore into an attraction. It may be as simple as a few repairs and a coat of paint, or added enhancements like an awning or a new sign, and there are many local grants available to encourage this type of renovation.

Many municipalities’ downtown revitalization plans support facade restorations as a way to improve communities and encourage economic development as well as preserve historical value. A facade restoration can be one of the least expensive renovations that offers the biggest return.

Nu-Struct Inc. specializes in the building restoration industry. Their services include design support, budget and logistics planning, scope management and scheduling, as well as project administration and supervision.

Many municipalities face aging infrastructure, and facade renovations have made a distinct impact on the integrity of many older buildings. The restoration can include weatherproofing, which will help improve and protect the structural soundness of a building, repairs to cracks, bricks and concrete, restoring historical features or painting and repointing to improve the overall look.

Structural integrity and civic and economic impact are not the only benefits from a facade restoration. Returns on your investment will be immediately realized in the increased value of the property. It is important to find professionals who are experienced in these types of renovations to see the biggest return. Historical buildings in particular may require the services of special contractors with expertise in masonry and other skills.

Nu-Struct Inc. is experienced in residential, commercial and industrial restoration and can handle any size of project from the ground up. For more information about the company’s services and to view a gallery of completed projects, visit the website or call 905-206-9844.